Spending some time on a dating website, many people wonder why so many foreign men are looking for Ukrainian woman.
Of course, we cannot say that all Americans are perfect husbands, like in every nation there are a lot of different people. We'll talk about a guy from the USA who wants to find his love, really wants to start a family.
We interviewed dozens of people and asked them a question: why DO American men love Ukrainian women? From their answers, we created a list of 7 main ideas, here they are:
1) It is aesthetically pleasing. Ukrainian women are very beautiful. They look feminine, attractive and sexy in any situation.
2) This leads to a healthy lifestyle. They are easy -going, with them you can realized all your cherished dreams which cannot be realized with others. They are easy to share an idea for active sports (fishing trip in the mountains, etc.).
3) It is nice and useful for self-assessment. Ukrainian wife often praise men than American women. With such a woman feels like he is a super hero (a king, a knight, an aristocrat - in different formulations) .
4) There are no problems in sex. Russian women are emotional in sex. They always show their feelings, it's nice, because the man is always on the first place, feels he is loved. And secondly, he can react quickly if something goes wrong, and he will not suffer for years with unresolved sexual problems, as with European women, for example.
5) This is a chance to find a real love. Ukrainian women are not afraid to fall in love with men who are not equal in status, they are not afraid of the men of another culture or nationality or another religion and lifestyle. In Europe and America, the relationship between members of different social societies is difficult.
6) This is a warm relationship. Ukrainian women love not only themselves. Many Europeans and American women think about themselves and their problems. Women from Ukraine think not only about themselves but also about men, their friends and relatives, they are not selfish.
7) It is prestigious. Ukrainian women are very educated and cultured. Sometimes a man of high social status is difficult to find a wife in America or Europe, with whom it will not be ashamed to appear in public. Ukrainian women can look aristocratic and their good education and high culture emphasize a man's status.
And there is one small disadvantage, which was noted by all men: these women are very fond of expensive brand of the clothes and jewelry, expensive houses and cars, a prestigious perfume and cosmetics. But all of our respondents said that for all the pros that they have, they are ready to forgive them such a little cons.