Most Ukrainian international dating and marriage agencies are online services. Most of them are located in Kyiv; in provincial cities usually branches are located. The services for brides are usually free. As for men, there is a wide variety of payment formats. Sometimes it's just a monthly fee (about $ 50 per month) for full access to the profiles of women, including contacts.

And it also happens that the access to the catalog of brides does not cost anything, but for each contact a man must pay separately ($ 10-20). Or pay for every sent or received through the site email ($ 5- $ 15). By the way, sometimes the site is engaged in translation of letters (about $ 5 per page will cost word- for -word translation, $ 10 - creative). In order to have the most diverse and constantly updated database of profiles, the websites work together in a partnership network. It is still many Ukrainian women do not have access to the Internet, that is why in Ukrainian province a lot of agencies accept ladies profiles and portfolios at their offices. And Kiev dating agency kievgirls.online prefers to work the same way. First of all they ask the girls to fill paper applications and answer several questions and only after that they conduct interviews with women in the office.

The agency has offices in Europe, USA and Russia. It should be noted that the agency not only provides the information, but also helps in the selection of candidates, and even gives you the opportunity to start a correspondence with a lady you liked. This individual approach is very effective: 30% of men (during a year around 1000-1300 new customers are getting married. In America, for such an individual personalized Search of the couples the services can request up to $ 50 thousand dollars. For this price a man becomes a member of the elite ‘Lonely Hearts Club’, in which, under the supervision of a psychologist they will help him to choose a high society bride.

However, finding a Ukrainian bride - is half the battle, a man must also arrange her lawful departure and then she has to receive permanent resident card.

American man must create and submit a petition to USCIS, which includes specific form, a copy of his documents(passport, SSN , proof of residence, tax payments, etc), an essay about how he met his bride and decided to get married, as well as photos with the bride. The pictures are the best proofs to confirm their personal meeting. And finally, he should attach documents confirming the solvency of the man (minimum of $ 30 thousand of his annual income). In case is not making this amount, he can involve his relatives in a process or look for a sponsor.

American bureaucracy is distinctive. In Ukraine, you can wait in a line for something and leave without positive result only because you missed 1 paper. In the USA, a petition will be approved and about the lack of documents a couple can find out in several months (6-9 months is the average life of the case) when a man will call to find out about the result. Then he will have to start a process all over. So it is comfortable to use the services of specialized lawyers who will prepare all the documents and will be responsible for the case results. They also have offices in different countries and will be able to help bride to gather all the necessary paperwork and prepare her well for the future interview at the embassy. The full package of services costs around $ 1800-2000. If a man has already received permission from USCIS, the probability of K1/K3 visa refusal does not exceed 3%.

Kiev Office OF Ukrainian dating agency prepares annually around 400 US visas for the brides from Ukraine. It is about a quarter of the total number of received visas to other countries. According to statistics, 20% of K1/K3 visa holders went to the United States and within 90 days did not get married and came back home: during their personal communication the couples were disappointed. But for some couples everything went well; after that they just live in happily together and apply for naturalization, it will cost around $ 2.5 thousand dollars, Including the fees and services of lawyers.